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Velvet Collection: Deodorant balm w/ activated charcoal Lavender & Bergamot (Men)


Velvet collection
Natural + Moisturizing + Effective
Deodorant Balm Men

Free of aluminum, paraben, triclosan and synthetic PG

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Deodorant: This natural deodorant provides long-lasting odor protection without the harsh chemicals. It contains deodorizing essential oils which have lubricating properties to keep your skin moisturized. Additionally, this gentle pit balm has odor-absorbing activated charcoal, derived from coconut shells, to keep the pits smelling fresh all day long. Put this naturally-fragranced product to the test and you will begin to see the naturally effective difference!

Ingredients: Propanediol 1, 3 (natural source, from corn sugar), sodium stearate, witch hazel (hamamelis), aloe vera, sodium bentonite (natural clay to reduce wetness), baking soda, activated charcoal (coconut-derived), lavender oil, ylang ylang and rosemary oil.


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